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The Stover Chamber of Commerce has a long history of helping build business in the city of Stover, and now we are in the process of building a new website to further that mission with an online presence.

This will be a streamlined site that is adaptable (mostly at this point) to whatever device you prefer to use, be it a PC, smart phone, or tablet. This means it will be available at your fingertips at all times! Here are a few of the pages we are currently working on:

This is both exciting and daunting. The Event page will be used for getting the word out for events going on around town. However, there is currently a staff of one unpaid volunteer running this site so we also ask for your patience. There is a Contact page with a an interactive form where you are welcome to submit events, and if it is well in advance with enough detail, it will be added as quickly as possible. Once added, the date of the event will show up as a new color and will be “clickable” for additional details.

The Business Directory is where the website really gets exciting! Businesses will now be listed in a format similar to the yellow pages by category. If you peruse the page right now, you might see that your business isn’t listed or that a former business is listed that shouldn’t be. This is one of the pages that was copied over from the previous site and we will be working toward making it current as quickly as we can. Again, this is an important moment to point out:

  1. We are not web developers or computer programmers- we are volunteers that are working through this and learning things like “hosting” and “domains”. And here we thought hosting was only for dinner parties.
  2. Like you, we are busy and there are quite a few demands on our time. But we will continue working on this site to make it as much of a benefit as possible to the businesses and community.

So, the businesses will be updated with current contact information but this is another area where we need your help. Please use the contact form to let us know if a business needs to be added, removed, or had details added. Essentially, we will make this basic information (name, address, phone number) available for any business in the area. Again, this is a work in progress and we could use your help to get this page up-to-date. Let us know on the contact page or email us at

More importantly, for paid Chamber members, these pages can be personalized with much more than just contact information- a few paragraphs worth of whatever you wish to share about your business (history, vision, etc), pictures, and other features we are still figuring out. If you are a member of the Chamber, feel free to email your story (whatever you wish to say) and a few pictures to and within a reasonable time we will work on building your own personalized page.

If you are interested in joining the Chamber, meander over to the “JOIN” page where you will find the membership form. As it has been for quite some time, the annual fee for the Chamber is a very reasonable $40.00. This is much lower than the surrounding towns and together, with a stronger Chamber, we feel like we can accomplish great things for the businesses of our community. A new online presence is a good first step.

Thanks for stopping by!

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